Top 5 Not-So-Common Travel Essentials

Before any traveler sets out on a journey, one important thing has to be scratched off the “to-do” list – PACKING

Travelers love to pack light, or at least I know I do. There’s a certain degree of fulfillment I feel when I swing the straps of my backpack over shoulders and I realized that it’s lighter than I expected it to be. I think anyone would agree when I say “I hate having to check in a luggage“. As George Clooney’s character in the movie “Up in the Air” conveys, you lose 35 minutes of your time everytime you check in your luggage.

I must admit, I’d bring all my stuff if I can. But since traveling entails us to step out of our comfort zones, I have no choice but to take only the bare necessities. Aside from the obvious ones like clothes, passport, cash, and plane tickets among others, I have things on my list that may not be in yours right now but u might find these things to come in handy the next time you travel.

I call this my Top 5 Not-So-Common Travel Essentials

1. Little Sling Bag

This is the “mini me” of my backpack. As much as I love my backpack, I just couldn’t bring it with me everywhere I go. Imagine taking your backpack on an Island-hopping adventure in El Nido, Palawan or looking like a hunchback while taking the train during rush hour in Paris. You get the idea, right?

Yes, it goes where i go…


You’d be surprised how much stuff could fit in it
















2. Universal Adapter

If you don’t already have this in your list and you plan on traveling over 2 or 3 or more countries in a single trip or better yet different continents, then maybe you need to add this on your list of things-to-buy before leaving.

Different countries have different outlet styles, this one has everything…

3. Cheap-Ass Sunglasses

Take note of the word “Cheap”. I suggest you get the cheapest one you can find. One, that you won’t have to worry losing or getting scratched on the lens.

It’s not a branded eyewear but the sun never asked me what brand of shades I wear…

4. Small Liquid Containers

Airport security has tightened up for the past years and any liquid over 100ml is not allowed on the plane. It doesn’t matter if it’s your favorite perfume or just water, everything is discarded. These little containers will allow you to bring a bit of shampoo or liquid soap or a bit of cologne as they come in 50ml bottles. Next time you’re at a hotel or resort, you might wanna take some of those freebies from the bathroom.

I don’t even remember where i got these from…

5. Scapular

This is not some magical charm or some freaky voodoo necklace, nor does it give me any special powers but this does remind me of the reason why I travel. I’m not a religious person but I do believe in God. Anywhere I go, I appreciate every single detail that this world has to offer. This thing around my neck reminds me of the Artist behind the painting. The beauty we see all around from the mountains we climb to the oceans we cross and even the beauty of the people we meet along the way, we owe it to him, after all he is the Creator.

The reminder…i can never get rid of this. it’ll always be wrapped around my neck…

These are the top 5 items on my list. Do you have this on your list too? Or better yet, do you have these things on your backpack ready for next adventure? What’s on your list of Not-so-common travel essentials? Share them on the comments portion of this post…



  1. i always bring a nail cutter with me whenever i travel. lol. it’s the next best thing to scissors! 🙂

    1. true! not just for cutting nails, it can always take the scissor’s place… 🙂

  2. kudos to the universal adapter! we use 3 prong outlets here in the ME pero i forgot na 2 prong lang pala ung portable kettle ko (for kape & noodles) which i brought on a recent trip to Qatar, hehe. bibili nako pramis, thanks sa reminder..

    on my backpack? siguro ung Medipouch ko – with bandaids, bulak, small betadine btl, paracetamol, loperamide at decolgen/clarinase. maski sa work bag ko kasama din, 🙂

    1. Thanks lea. Isn’t it ironic that I’m a nurse and I don’t have a medicine kit on my backpack? And I don’t like taking meds too. Well, maybe the only medication I take with me to my trips is saridon for my migraine…

  3. honga noh? malakas siguro resistensya mo hehe. i hope bihira sumpong ng migraine mo, i’ve seen how my housemate before deal with it. aguy..

    ako naman may allergic rhinitis + mjo clumsy pa kya laging may dalang meds hehe.

    more happy travels to us! 🙂

    1. Yeah, it’s always a good idea to stay prepared. and yeah, more happy travels to us. see you on the road… 🙂

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