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High Spirits in BALI

It’s been exactly 7 months since i got back from my trip to Bali. But trust me, the memories I have of that trip still lingers in my head to this day. I can remember each detail of my Balinese vacation-turned-spiritual-journey just like it was yesterday. Since coming back from the journey, people have been […]

Top 5 Not-So-Common Travel Essentials

Before any traveler sets out on a journey, one important thing has to be scratched off the “to-do” list – PACKING Travelers love to pack light, or at least I know I do. There’s a certain degree of fulfillment I feel when I swing the straps of my backpack over shoulders and I realized that […]

Tiny Girl With Big Bag

Please visit me on my new home

Please visit me on my new home

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