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Nurse-issistic travels has moved to

Nurse-issistic travels has moved to This blog has a new home… Advertisements

What to expect in a Blog Camp

To this day, I still consider myself a fetus in the blogging world. It’s only been 3 months since I started blogging. This was after 4 very interesting people ganged up on me and persuaded me to start a blog. I didn’t wanna mention their names but then I think y’all should keep an eye […]

Life Driven Purpose

I was on a short hiatus from blogging. But don’t think I’ve lost my enthusiasm because I probably never will. It’s just that I’ve been quite busy for the past few weeks for personal reasons. Being busy for a number of reasons got me thinking “What am I here for?”, “What exactly is the purpose […]

The Life I Live

The Life I Live

I am not in search of the BLUEST WATERS, the CLEAREST SKIES or the FINEST SANDS…

I am in search for only one thing – the TRUE MEANING of LIFE!

but in my search, I found out that LIFE isn’t meant to be DEFINED, it is meant to be LIVED…



Tiny Girl With Big Bag

Please visit me on my new home

Please visit me on my new home

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